Thursday, 28 April 2011

This is the back of the my album cover . I kept the font the same to keep it consistent and so that it has a nice flow from back to from. I also kept the colour's  same , but i made them less bold as i spread the shadow out and put a smaller satin . This is because i want it to be less eye catching but more inviting , so i wanted to make my font have a worm glow to make it more welcoming so i using a red glow, also the orange is a very homely colour , which is inviting and so is red , so the colour's tiger a good emotion in the person

I used the same picture from my from cover to keep continuity, i also used a sharpen filter , which has made the image eye catching also the tracks genre is about being lost in life , so this sharpen effect has made it a bit blurry so it exude-rates her feeling of being lost and not knowing were she is going in life as it is jaded

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