Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Today we had one of are last editting sesstion, as we are nearing the end of the editting process , i made a number of changes, to the lay out of the scene and added dissolves in between a few scene that i felt need it beeing done to . However none of my edits were saved on to the music video , as when i showed my group the changes i had made to the flow of the scene and the changing of a few scenes, they did not agree that my changes and said that they were not effective, therefor i descided that i would change it back, as the majorty of my group did not agree with it . I could have argued with this desition , yet i did not as it wasnt just one member of my who believed this , so they must be right . Also we are a team and as a team we have to make desitions together so I believe that going against my group desition would be the wrong thing to do as everyone opion in my group is equal so it would be improper to goo against a group dection and it would effect the integraty of my group .

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