Thursday, 28 April 2011

Artist promotion

This is the promotion for my album, which is going to be advertised in a magazine. It adheres the normal convention of album adverts , as the name of the artist is in the top left corner , the price of the album is on the advert, details of up coming tour , There is a website were you can access information about the artist, also there are images of the album so that people will recognize. Also i said "New hit album only £9.00" , this is so that the audience feels they are getting a deal, as people are more likely to purchase a product if they feel they are getting a deal as everyone wants to save money. I further put info about the tour , so the more you promote this the more it creates a buzz about it so the audience will talk about it , therefore more people are more likely to go to the tour , which bring in even more income . I further tell people to visit the website so that more people learn more about the artist building interest in the artist intern making her more famous , so people are more  to buy her product. I put the website in black and a different font so that it stands out and people check it as there is allot more promotion in the website

I used a font which is girly as this albums audience is mainly women as the song is about her brake up with her boyfriend which is something women can relate to. Therefore I used this font to target the women Taggert audience. I further used the same color font as i used for my album cover this was to keep continuity also they are welcoming colors which will draw in a audience as it is easy on the eyes , also they are colors which do not specifically single out one sex. I put a satin on the text so that it makes it more bold and so that it stands out so that it becomes more eye caching to the audience .

I used a yellow background as red orange and yellow , are colors which go together, so the colors do not clash, i didn't want the color to clash as i want the advert to be inviting to invite people to by it, also i further wanted it to be easy on the eye so people are more likely to read the hole advert.

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