Thursday, 28 April 2011

my album art work back cover- 2

This is the back of my second album cover . I have used all the standard convention as the songs are in chronological order on the left hand side of the cover going vertically down also the image is on the right hand side
 I have used the same colors of black and white to keep continuity , but i have change the font , so that it is more welcoming as unlike the front cover i do not want to grab the audiences attention as, i they already are engaged with the product. so i have used this font to be welcoming and to entice the audience to buy the album.

The image i have used is of a hand draw picture of a home which look like it has been drawn buy a child , this is to make the audience feel that the song in this album are personal , as children drawing are something seen as personal to a person. Also it relates to the album name which seems clever as there is a cognitive link .

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