Thursday, 28 April 2011

Music video -when september end-Green day

This video mixes the narrative of a couple in love with the boy then going to war and footage of the band in performance. This video is very original in the way in mixes narrative with footage of the band performing.

In the beginning of this video we see the conventional series of close-ups that are used to portray the emotion of the characters. The characters are placed in the realistic setting with which comes with connotations of happiness, summer and young love. This is reflected in the shots of the two characters who are staring lovingly. There is also opening dialouge which is conventional of narrative music videos.

After this dialogue the bands non-diagetic music comes in. The music is contrapuntal to the images, as the music is very slow and dower where as the images shown are happy. To stop the audience feeling alienated by the contrasting images and music the director cleverly syncs the images with the music, putting the footage into slow motion. The footage of the band sees them in a live performance and we se a series of shots of the band playing their instruments which is code for their musicality and it is saying how they are real artists and serious about their music.

At this point we have a narrative interlude in which we see and argument between the boy and girl, all with diagetic sound. Afterwards we cut back to the band with a strong drum beat and edits in sync with the beat. We then see images of the boy joining, the the girl alone looking mournful and the band in performance. The shots of the girl alone and the boy at war are dully lighted with a very drab colour scheme and this signifies the dark and drab reality of the situation.

This video is very conventional in the way it focuses on the band, we also see very conventional camera work as well. We see lots of low angle shots of the band, which are signifiers for a live performance. We also see a close up of the lead singers eyes which are covered in dark make-up which are conventional of the anti-establishment demographic.

This video has a lot in common with Kanye West's Jesus Walks. Both have a military narrative and we see the artists in live performance, although Kanye West is in a church so he is in performance within character.

We then see edits in sync with the music and the we see images of the guns and the rockets exploding which is matched with the crescendo in the music and we also here the diagetic sound of the guns and the explosions. There is a coda in the music which allows which allows the narrative to end, and the camera pans out to get the feeling that we are moving away from the story.

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my album art work back cover- 2

This is the back of my second album cover . I have used all the standard convention as the songs are in chronological order on the left hand side of the cover going vertically down also the image is on the right hand side
 I have used the same colors of black and white to keep continuity , but i have change the font , so that it is more welcoming as unlike the front cover i do not want to grab the audiences attention as, i they already are engaged with the product. so i have used this font to be welcoming and to entice the audience to buy the album.

The image i have used is of a hand draw picture of a home which look like it has been drawn buy a child , this is to make the audience feel that the song in this album are personal , as children drawing are something seen as personal to a person. Also it relates to the album name which seems clever as there is a cognitive link .

My album art work cover- 2

This is another album cover i created , this was so that i could chose out of the two albums.

I have used all the normal conventions of a album , as the artists name is in the top left corner, the album name is at the bottom and centered, the bar code is in the bottom right and the image is in the center

The font i used for the artist is different to the title it is so that it stands out , i used a font that look like hand writing so that it looks like the artist herself is original. Also i used a red satin so her name stands out as there is no image of the artist on the album so i want it to stand out so they recognize straight away who the artist is.
 The title font i done in capitals and in arial black this is so that it stand out and is dramatic, like the music which is in the album , also i done in it a block like font as the central image in my album is block like . The font stand out and is visually eye caching so people who pass by this album will look twice

The central image of the album is a house , which is black and is made up of rectangles and squares , it is very simple , yet like the font it is dramatic , so people will look twice at the album which makes it more likely to be purchase . Also as the house is done in this way it give a universal idea of home so everyone will be able to relate to the song.

Artist promotion

This is the promotion for my album, which is going to be advertised in a magazine. It adheres the normal convention of album adverts , as the name of the artist is in the top left corner , the price of the album is on the advert, details of up coming tour , There is a website were you can access information about the artist, also there are images of the album so that people will recognize. Also i said "New hit album only £9.00" , this is so that the audience feels they are getting a deal, as people are more likely to purchase a product if they feel they are getting a deal as everyone wants to save money. I further put info about the tour , so the more you promote this the more it creates a buzz about it so the audience will talk about it , therefore more people are more likely to go to the tour , which bring in even more income . I further tell people to visit the website so that more people learn more about the artist building interest in the artist intern making her more famous , so people are more  to buy her product. I put the website in black and a different font so that it stands out and people check it as there is allot more promotion in the website

I used a font which is girly as this albums audience is mainly women as the song is about her brake up with her boyfriend which is something women can relate to. Therefore I used this font to target the women Taggert audience. I further used the same color font as i used for my album cover this was to keep continuity also they are welcoming colors which will draw in a audience as it is easy on the eyes , also they are colors which do not specifically single out one sex. I put a satin on the text so that it makes it more bold and so that it stands out so that it becomes more eye caching to the audience .

I used a yellow background as red orange and yellow , are colors which go together, so the colors do not clash, i didn't want the color to clash as i want the advert to be inviting to invite people to by it, also i further wanted it to be easy on the eye so people are more likely to read the hole advert.