Thursday, 7 April 2011

My album art work cover

This is my Chosen Album cover out of the two which i created, i chose this one over the other as this one is less controversial and daring so i has all the normal conventions of Album art.

I first took a photograph of the Artist In one of the scene's from my music video , then i uploaded onto photo shop in a 12cm bu 12 cm frame. I added a sharpen filter which made the back ground look jaded , but the artist picture to be sharp , i done this too make the artist to stand out but this is a code for my mest li foke fe , and her ability to see though all the hard times

The text i got from 1001-fonts, and i chose this to give a sort of old look as genre of the music is which is from a different era . The colour's i used for the text of orange and red , as there are conventionally known as homely colour , so it fits in with the name of the alblum as it is called home. Also these colours fit with the conventions of foke music as it is a very homely genre of music.

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