Wednesday, 16 February 2011

begining editing music video

Me and my group have now render most of the foot for are music video and have now begun the editing process. So now we are working in the editing station in my class on the apple Mac’s using a software known as final cut. At this point we are at the early stage of editing , as we still have one scene to film, but we are making progress as we are around 1/5 of the way through editing. Also we are familiar with the editing software as we have past experience editing using the soft ware as we used it to create are lip sink, as a result of this we have edited the running scene and some of the house scene , the introduction, and some of the cafe scene . I feel that we are making good progress and are working as a team to make a original music video, we are making disitions which have been discuss as a group so there are no arguments as we all have the same vision of what we want.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

album cover art analysis of Paloma faith

I am analyzing Paloma Faith album cover who is in the same genre as my artist and is also of the same sort of nature , by doing this it will give me a better idea of what i should put into my album front cover as they are of the same genre.
The album cover has the conventions of a normal album which is the artists name in the top left corner , also another convention which is in it is that the artist is the central of the album cover so it is clear who's album this is . A further convention used was the name of the album being in the bottom left corner which is seen in most album covers.

There has been a use of many codes with this album cover as the artist has been depicted as being divine as there is a glowing halo around her head and when looked at more closely it seem to be a sun which is a code for god as the great philosopher Aristotle sees God as the sun. Also there is a dove in each of there hand which is a code of the divine as it is related to Jesus . also their are roses around her halo which codes her femininity and also love this links in with the divine aspect as to be divine you been to be all loving as this is a characteristic which the classic god of theism is said to have this characteristic. Beyond the roses there are further codes used as there is a silky sheet like material which times around the roses like curtains which are a light ocean blue color and white this gives a code for mystical as it is like a divine mist , or fog which gives it a mythical feeling to the album cover.

Further more their are other codes used as there is a postmodern technique which is used know as a juxtaposition as the top half of the artist on the album cover is divine were as her bottom half is titillating as she is wearing a bra and also has this black tattoo on her body, the used of this code draw the audience in as it is eye caching and also nice to look at because it is not normal .

Another code used is in the mise en scene as it is just a normal room , but the image of the artist is very abnormal this is striking to the audience as it makes the audience concentrate on the central image of the artist.

Other codes have been seen to be used in the font as a art-deco font has been used, which relates to the genre of her music and her style which is her image and identify and tastes. further codes for her art-deco image has been made though her hair style as it is a typical art-deco hair style of the 1920-1930 in the u.s.a .