Wednesday, 24 November 2010

postmodernism and modernism

Modernism is a time in our history when traditional values began to change and literature, art, culture and later film became an outlet for the troubled and rebellious souls. Modernism attempted to rethink science, art, culture, ethics, philosophy and psychology. It attempted to the find new or hidden meaning in the human experience and had to deal with coming to terms with new ideas.
Modernism believes in ultimate experimentation, so that it has fresh new ideas, which have not been done before, It is said to have been started off in the 18th centre. This is a period characterized by revolution, and a decline in religious belief. These beliefs allowed people to break the boundaries set in all different art forms this was taking to extreme of what you can call art and what you cannot call art. Modernism is a art form which use to be only assessable (understandable) to a elite few. This is because you have to be well educated to understand modernism as in the literature they may use a few language and a intelligent vocabulary, therefore this applied to very few people in the modernist era as there were not as many well educated people as there are at this moment in time.
Postmodernism is said to be the end of originality as everything that could have been done in modernism was done therefore there were no new ideas , so they had to start fusing modernist ideas together to crate new thing and this is how postmodernist came about . It is hard to tell exactly when is started but it is said to have began in the 1950’. it is hard to define, because it is a concept that appears in a wide variety of disciplines or areas of study, including art, architecture, music, film, literature, sociology, communications, fashion, and technology. As I said before postmodernism fuses ideas, this means that it uses bicolor which is a eclectic processes.
There are many different types of postmodernism such a, theoretical approach which wants the audience to use there creative input in deciding on the meaning of a text, as this allows the power of interpretation to allow a deconstruction to happen so that the audience can put it into cultural context.
To understand what is a postmodern text and what is not is a extremely hard thing to do. This is because extremely difficult to define; this is because most media text in this day and age has some sort of postmodern technique used in it whether it is bricolage or pastiche technique.
Postmodern media text is challenging traditional text reader’s relations with the text and also the representation, this is because modernism was trying to make a window to the world-making thing clear to people, as they are not meant to be watching a illusion because they want it to feel real to the audience just as if they were looking into reality. Wear, as the postmodern audience is aware of the ideological view of the text.
In the postmodernist world the media audience and industries operate differently as the audience is consciously aware of the media text therefore the media text has to be cleverer and more enervative in their approach. They are doing this by relating to genre and narrative across two media e.g. video games and new forms of representation, postmodern cinema, interactive media, reality TV, music video, advertising, audience theories, globalization, parody and pastiche. This is the merging of two genres which is constantly happening in postmodernism, one such example of this which I have noticed is a video game called red dead redemption which merges the genres of western and horror they done this create something new.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Album cover art analysis of oasis : definite maybe

Analysis of Oasis Album: Definate maybee
This album cover is quite conventional in the terms of adhering to the central features expected like the logo is in the log left , and the album name is at the top with the picture the cental theam of the album cover. Also it is conventional as the band members are featured in front cover. There are also numerous codes at work within this album are . They are there to establish the bands importance, confidence , ambition , musically and identity as this was there first album so the album is extremely in helping create the bands originality and establishing there image. therefore they had to create a ground braking front cover.

On the right side of the album cover quite central and clear to the observer there the a Man city player in a flame this is a convention used to establish there from manchester as this team is know as the team that real people from manchester support. Also it acknowledges, the bands Manchurian heritage.

Further more there is a wine glass with red wine in it , this is a code for sophistication, indulgent, as it is a drink which is associated with this though aristocracy. however opposite to the wine glass , there is a pack of B and H gold this is a code for working class , so it is therefore trying so convey that, they are sophisticated artists from a working class background.

The positioning of the band members in the front cover is conventional as it goes from most important to least important , this is why Liam Gallagher the lead singer is at the middle at the bottom. His body language is coding for a deep thinker as he is lying down on the floor. He is also separate from the group this codes him being a individual even though he is in a band , this helps to create the character which there audience will come to know. The other band member which is on the sofa has a guitar , this codes for a song writer as he is in his house sitting there playing around with his guitar, coming up with songs this makes him look like the bands songs just come naturally to him. Further more the back member of the band such as the drummer are positioned in the room this codes for there position in the band.

The room which the band members are in again codes for sophistication , as there are social trend of the upper class such as the sanded wooden floor , and the big firer place , it is not a typical type of house that a younger person there age would own. Yet there is working class things, which again highlights there working class heritage.

The costume of Liam is very much in the style of the beatles , with his waste cote tec. this codes for the influences which has helped to style his music, the other band member behind him to dressed very casually this codes for them being normal working class people.

There is a globe in the the background which codes for the having the world ambition and also that they are taking over the world , also that the world is in there hands. There is also a t.v in the room which one band member is watching this codes for working class, also it is a code for unity and a family , as a family sit together watching T.v .

The logo in the top left is back and white . this codes for there lyrics being black and white . further more there is no capital letters in the logo this is a code that show they are all equal . Further more the font style is like that of the sun, this codes for working class as the sun is a blue colour workers new paper . The font style of the album name is personal and looks real this codes for a person touch , and poetic

Thursday, 4 November 2010

music video analysis-lady gaga-telephone

Analysing music video
Lady gaga telephone music video analysis
The establishing shot on the lady gaga is a prison is this a convention of a narrative music video, the shot is a low angle of the prison fence, which codes from that you cannot escape/ she is trapped. Further more at the begin of the music video they use intertextuality. This is a post-modern technique which draws the audiences attention away from the narrative and into the production process. The text used is from the film kill Bill which shows a dominant representation of women, the audience then makes a link to the narrative of Kill Bill and the narrative of the music video therefore the realise there will be a dominant representation of women as masculine.
The costumes used are titillating as they are low cut, the use of low cut tops that show there cleavage is convention to show there feminism side even thought there in a setting which is usually associated with males. Further more they have used iconic costume for a prison guard as this is a convention that you expect to see in the prison as it shows the hierarchy that is in a prison.
The use of CCTV, again take the attention of the audience away from they narrative, as they want the audience to concentrate on lady gaga dancing in sink with the music, The further use of high angle shot is a convention used to create a erotic atmosphere, as they use it so that it makes lady gag a and the back up dancers cleavage more obvious. Further mid-shots of her leg area are used as a convention as there have been speculations in the media that lady gaga is a male, and they close up of her waste area, us used to clarify that she is a woman. Further more in this dance sequence they use direct close ups of the dancer under ware, this convention give an additional erotic feel to dance scene as the under ware is erotic aswell .
They further use dolly shot to convey lady gaga point of view, this is a convention used so that the audience can interpret her message of women power which thought out the narrative blatantly obvious there are further convention of women power like when lady gaga eat the sausage roll which is a convention which code for palic and that women do not need men.
Further conventions are used which brake the convention of film, and music videos as well . The lady gaga video breaks the 30-degree rule this is a convention used to disorientate the audience, and to further make the audience realise that they are watching a music video so they do not get to involved with the narrative. They also break they 180 degree rule to produce the same result of disorientating the view.
In addition to this there is blatant product placements such as , virgin mobile’s, and coca cola , these are products used by everyone and is globally recognised. Further more the product placement is so blatant, and over exaggerated, that you get the idea that see has done this on purpose to prove some sort of point.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Album cover art- research

The cover design is extremely important for marketing our band as it establishes the genre of the music. It also establishes the identity of the artist, it further establishes credibility of the artist and the album itself.

The hole point of the front cover is that it seeks to attract the audiences attention though the use of striking imagery this is seen such albums as Nirvana's never mind. this acts as an persuasive devise which draws the audience in. The images used in the album cover can be original , inventive , unique or depending what is sough, these codes and conventions are how they communicate with the audience though the album cover . The album front cover also needs the obvious to such as artist name, album title, and central image (artists).

Front cover analysis of SGT.Peppers Lonely club band- The Beatles

This front cover uses pop art and was the first to do so, pop art is the emerging of poplar culture and high art, The person who created this front cover was peter blake who was the first to create pop art and famous for establishing the british pop art. The pop art revolutionary to album, braking boundaries, and creating works of art.

The flower on the cover of the album, are code for a trip-pee lifestyle, peace and love , this was the atmosphere which surrounded the beatles music, and the ideology which there audience had. The drums code for music and the use of circus type font codes for the fun atmosphere which the music creates. The vibrant military defies and undermines the military ways which codes for rebellion as it is going against conformity which the army represents. They also establish there , cult significance, as they have positioned central infant of many famous faces collaged behind them. they have also put a blue sky in the front cover which codes for happiness, freedom, summer of love , exotic, peaceful heavenly and hope which are call characteristics seen in the bands ideology. Finally in the front cover there are palm trees which code for exotic which is completely the opposite of england yet is what most people in england desire to get away to.