Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Today on the 25/01/11 we done are second filming session. Which consisted of use going to woodford and going to a authentic british cafe , as the scene which we shot was inside this cafe .The artist is part of the narrative in this scene . She is crying from her brake up with her boyfriend and we filmed her doin with in the cafe with a cup of tea in her hand as the mise en scene is the type of place you would go to reflect and have a cup of tea .

Monday, 24 January 2011

Beging filming

we started filming on the 19/01/11 at clay bury forest with my group , we done all the shots which involved the forest which was a hefty chunk , we also done the scene were the boyfriend is giving back her stuff , this bit of the filming is around 1/3 of the total amount of filming . we have arranged another filming session 26/01/11 where we will do the scene in the cafe, after this we will have another filming session which will be the house scene after this we will start editing .

Monday, 17 January 2011

Music video preparation

Me and my group have decided which artist we are going to do a music video to . The artists name is Ellie Tanner and her songs is called Home . The genre of music is folk pop , and the song is about braking up with her boyfriend. My group decided to use this artist and her song as they understand the genre of the music and also they know the artist personally so they can get, a better understanding of the song from her and what ideas she is trying to put across though the song , so when recording the song we can make a music video which narrative fits in with the theme of the song

Me and my group have further sat down and licensed to the song , and created a story bored which fits the narrative of the song , we done this as a group so we could discuss what we want to do and the ideas we wanted to generate from the song , we also times every shot which we planed to fit in with the song . We also planed the date which we are going to do the filming which is the 29/01/11. so i believe we are on target and prepared to do the music video

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Michael Jackson's dangerous album artwork

Conspiracy theorists are terrified of occult symbolism, to the point where demons lurk in every corner. Supposedly, these “in the know” can see obvious things that the rest of us are just plain oblivious to. I would argue that said theorists are oblivious to the fact that the conspiracy is in such fear-mongering, making these people easy targets for hidden agendas. But that would be way over their heads. The reality is, no educated person is oblivious to much of the blatant symbolism these conspiracy pushers think we are. We’re just not as terrified of history and have a better idea of how it’s put together.
For example, Michael Jackson’s Dangerous album cover is said to feature hidden insignia of the occult, proving that he is part of some kind of Illuminati conspiracy. Which type of conspiracy varies considerably from moron to moron- some feel he was a sacrificial victim playing into the hands of the Devil’s henchman; others believe that he himself perpetrated the return of the Prince of Darkness. Yeah. Thing is, there’s nothing hidden whatsoever about the symbols on the Dangerous album cover. Artist Mark Ryden has painted freemason symbolism clear as day; they eye of Horus, there are also goddess figurines, Jackson’s bandaged hand held like a yoga mudra, twin pillars, anthropomorphism, cherubs, and more.
Those who apparently know the real God also point out the terrifying triangle that appears in the 1987 video, Leave Me Alone. After all, the pyramid was used specifically to summon up “demonic power” according

to the And in Billie Jean, Michael Jackson leans against- gasp- a pillar, a sure Masonic sign of…well, of something.
Furthermore, according to the, the words This Is It contain a secret reference to Isis. Look carefully!
Did Michael Jackson weave these symbols into his work as subliminal messages about the Devil? My guess is no. The letters “is” appear in an awful lot of words. Perhaps anyone having a “crisis” is supplicating ancient demons! Moreover, Isis was one of the first deities ever invented by mankind. Perhaps the Royal Ontario Museum and the traveling King Tut artifacts exhibit have a secret Satanic meaning. Or perhaps, they are shown, rightfully, so that we can see relics of our human heritage.
Michael Jackson was an educated man schooled in history. There is no doubt he approved the fantastical art of his Dangerous cover, but not because he was in league with the forces of darkness. What is the message of that cover, where a rollercoaster goes into the dark tunnels and where creatures that are half man, half animal roam? That life is a playground, for one thing, where mysteries and miracles abound, but where danger lurks in hidden corners. Life is beautiful and dangerous. It is a nightmare and a miracle, too.
If Michael Jackson was really a Satan worshipper, wouldn’t he have promoted Nike instead of L A Gear? After all, Nike is named after a goddess, and Los Angeles means “angels.” That theory wouldn’t satisfy me, though these amusing buffoons would have a heyday with it. For one thing, I’m not going to dismiss human history’s various definitions of the world, and I’m certainly not going to dismiss the idea of female divinity. Certainly, as an educated person, I don’t want to dismiss mythology, which is integral to understanding human nature. But most importantly, Nike isn’t evil because it’s named for the great goddess. It is evil instead for greed, pollution, and employing child slaves in the third world. But those who spend their days desperately trying to unlock the symbols of conspiracy are too afraid to actually see that their own gods of so-called liberty and greed and apocalyptic terror are the real forces of darkness.
Lorette C. Luzajic
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