Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Postmodern analysis of Lady Gaga's- Telephone

Postmodern analysis of Lady Gaga’s- Telephone
A postmodernist would say that the graphics used at the begin of the lady Gaga music video is a allusion to Quentin Tarantino kill bill. Other postmodernist technique as it makes reference to films in the video and also merges genres.
Further postmodernism technique used is that they break the illusion which is in the music video by using jump cuts the effect which give the video a jarred effect . Also the video is self-referential as she is making reference to herself when the guards say, “I told you she didn’t have a dick”, as she was said to be a transsexual by the media.
They further use more postmodernist attributes by using a elastic costume which does not fit in with the genre , this makes the audience realize that they are watching a music video. They further do this by placing things together that do not go together as in the music video they place women and a weight bar together which goes against normal convention, also two of the women are wearing odd shoes as they are each wearing on each others shoes , they done this to code that they are having a lesbian relationship. They further brake the illusion by using product placement, of such products like diet coke and virgin mobile.
They further make references to vogue in the dance sequence as the posses Lady Gaga uses are the conventional posses which are seen on the front cover of the vogue magazine , this a postmodernist technique as it is merging another genre
Lady Gaga is the ideal postmodernist icon as she is a mix match of so many things.