Thursday, 28 April 2011

music video analysis- 2pac- ghetto gospel

Music video analysis
2pac- ghetto gospel
The establishing shot in the music video, you can see sirens, you know this because of the red and blue flashing lights, and the paramedics, also there is diegetic sounds of a helicopter, this codes to the audience that they are watching a crime scene as there are close ups of the police which are there. This convention which set the genre and topic of the hole song.
The main character in the music video that’s seen in the establishing shot dead is wearing the stereotypical American hoodlum clothing of baggy jeans and a t-shirt. This is a code to make the music video have a realistic feel to it.
After the establishing shot , the camera defocuses so , that the audience is aware of what happening as this is a convention used to show that the next shot is going to be in the past .
There is a scene in the music video narrative, were the main character is at the dinner table with his mum , this codes or a single house family as they are at the dinner table were the hole family is suppose to sit and there is no father. In this seen there is a close up of the mother face smiling when see looks at her son , this codes for the pride which she feels towards her son. Also his mother is reading the bible this is conventions which shows he was brought up in a religious family with morals . This gives a more dramatic effect at the end of the narrative when the mother is at her son funeral. In addition to this the mise en scene is realistic.
There also uses of a lot of low angle shots , of the main character , I have such use of low angle shots in Eminems- love the way you lie music video . This codes for there power as it makes them look bigger. Also like Eminems music video in a scene the sun is behind the main character which gives his a sort of glowing effect this a code used to make his look spiritual , as this is a convention for holiness .
Further more there are close up of teenage boys on a corner exchanging money for something, this a convention for drug dealing and this is a code is used so that the audience can relates to the area which the person lives , which is a ghetto , this seen also relates to the death of the name character as drug dealers in these area’s have wars over drug territories which leads to the death of the main character, the audience understand this as the narrative is given thought a montage and also they use a series of establishing shot so we know were the narrative is at and the audience have a clearer understanding of the narrative .
The music video uses fetic fallacy as at the opening of the music video, it is raining and is dark, therefore the weather reflects the mood , this is seen again a few times though out the narrative , as at happy times it becomes sunnier.

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