Thursday, 7 April 2011

individuals responses of story board

The feed back which we received for my story board was mainly positive, saying that the narrative fitted adequately with the song . Also they said that some of the scene were thought out very well as the music and what happens in the scene, further more the felt that the love story in the music video narrative played with the views emotions

There were also a few criticisms made about the story board, and there was a problem with the sequencing of a few scenes , but as we got people to observe and analyze the story board before we stared filming, it enabled use to see problems that we would have other wise missed, therefore me and my group were able to fix some of the problematic errors which were foreseen by use.

The individuals responses was good as this would occur in the processes of creating a music video in the industry , so the use of professional tec-necks has allowed use to produce a more professional product

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