Thursday, 7 April 2011

Lip-sync practice

The lip-sync practice , helped use to understand how the editing process works in music video's as we had to lip-sink a music video , it also gave use good practice with final cut , and helped me understand how to use to use the software, and also as it was a practice we felt at ease so we were able to be experimental with the video , using numerous effects and cuts .

A problem which occurred due to this was that not everyone got a turn editing the music video, as some people in my group did not feel confident enough with there knowledge of the software , whilst others in the group got carried away with the editing process , and started hogging the editing role.

Me and my group recognized this problem , and in one of are discussions we resolved this problem by stating which jobs is for each person so we can work more efficiently and by doing so as a group it became more easier to jel together

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