Thursday, 28 April 2011

My album art work cover- 2

This is another album cover i created , this was so that i could chose out of the two albums.

I have used all the normal conventions of a album , as the artists name is in the top left corner, the album name is at the bottom and centered, the bar code is in the bottom right and the image is in the center

The font i used for the artist is different to the title it is so that it stands out , i used a font that look like hand writing so that it looks like the artist herself is original. Also i used a red satin so her name stands out as there is no image of the artist on the album so i want it to stand out so they recognize straight away who the artist is.
 The title font i done in capitals and in arial black this is so that it stand out and is dramatic, like the music which is in the album , also i done in it a block like font as the central image in my album is block like . The font stand out and is visually eye caching so people who pass by this album will look twice

The central image of the album is a house , which is black and is made up of rectangles and squares , it is very simple , yet like the font it is dramatic , so people will look twice at the album which makes it more likely to be purchase . Also as the house is done in this way it give a universal idea of home so everyone will be able to relate to the song.

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