Thursday, 7 April 2011

inspiration behind track choice

The inspiration for are song came from toby , Who actually knows the artist personally , this means there is no issues with the use of the artists song . Also this means that we are able to ask questions and queries about the narrative of the song so that the music video turns out looking like the vision the artist .

The reason we choice to do the song is, it is easy to gather the story behind it so, making a narrative for the song is easier as by just listening to the song you can get a clear picture of a narrative that can go with it.

We wanted to do a music video with a narrative because me and my group felt that the effect of a music video with a narrative stays with the audience for longer and also the visual effect is much greater than music videos with no narratives , i gathered this though the analysis of music video's as the most controversial music videos had a narrative .

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