Thursday, 28 April 2011

About me

I am Sasha Hodjati, i live in East London and i am a 6th form student at west hatch high school. I  study Media , Psychology and philosophy and ethic's . Out of these subjects i am most interested in media study , as i am intrigued in the way in which we can persuade people though the media , and the way in which media can change peoples attitudes which leads to behavior change . Also i am interested in the production process of media products so i have a keen interest to learn how to create media products so i can put down what i learnt from theory into actual reality.

 I am hoping to study philosophy and film at nottingham on trent, so the skill i learn in media will also help me later on in life when i am study film as this course has helped me get a grasp on how to use final cut and photoshop .

My interest are music and the UK rap scene , also my Hobs are : swimming were i am part of Loughton swimming club , Karate were i am a brown and two stripe(1st cue) , and also i am a active member of a five aside football team who play at Fairlop .

From this project i hope to develop my editing skill , my photoshop skills ,promotion skills and also to get a good understanding of how the music industry works internaly.

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